Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Love Letter from 20-Year-Old Baby

First time I saw you....
I didn’t even recognize you at the first place.
First time I knew you....
I found my self getting so much curious to know you more.
First time I hanged out with you....
You told me your everything. I think I fall for you that night.

Now that we are together,
I can’t really find a word to describe how much you mean to me,
I can’t really define how you relief my heart just by see you,
I can’t really imagine my life without someone like you.

I am 20 years old baby you never get tired to baby sitting,
I am a purple minion you always be patient with,

Definitely not miss perfect you might dream of.

But I am hoping I can be your anything so you will never stop to love me.

Maafin grammar saya yang kelihatannya masi cacat, semoga yang baca ngeh kalo saya lagi pengen nulis surat cinta wkwkwk :')